When I was in Kindergarten, back in Czechoslovakia, I begged my Mom to take me for an audition at the local kids’ theater. She did and I failed. MISERABLY! Seeing how heartbroken I was, my mother simply ushered me next door and signed me up for art classes. No auditions necessary.  Those classes ended up defining the lens through which I look at life. 

A while later, whilst studying to become an Art Therapist at Pratt Institute, I was told over and over that everything happens for a reason. I take that to mean that I was destined to fail on stage and fall in love with art!

These days I live in Brooklyn with my English husband, two spunky girls and a wish for a dog. I do not do theatre but embarrass my family with theatrics daily.


Palacky University, Czech Republic, BA History of Art, MA English

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. MPS Creative Arts Therapy

Selected Exhibitions

Group shows

2014 Strut. The Peacock in Art and Beauty. Hudson River Museum

2015 Celebration of Bird Houses. Luhačovice, Czech Republic

2018 Tick tock. Time in contemporary art. Lehman College Gallery

2019 Unapologetic. Automatic Studios, Brooklyn

Solo shows

2019 Fez, Brooklyn