The Power of a Good Stain

For someone who considers herself ever so slightly OCD in terms of general cleanliness and orderliness of my surroundings, I’ve been surprisingly obsessed with stains, blots and smudges lately.  It started about a year ago when I was wallowing in a bit of a creative rut and decided to play with some Higgings Inks that have been collecting dust on my shelves for ages.

I engineered some blots. They looked …okay … and they definitely made the white pages I put them on much less threatening. I went to town with them.  I played, I circled, I lined, I doted. 

I felt myself out of the rut! See for yourself here

I am now becoming frustrated with the stains I create intentionally as they can at times feel contrived – or at least that’s what I, the self appointed stain, blots and smudges connoisseur, tell myself. But that frustration opened me up to playing with the sputters that just happen. The ones that are often the byproducts of my other endeavors. As a results I am now surrounded by cool creatures peeking at me from various places on my desk. And the other day when I drew a picture for my friends’ daughter, Emma,  I was happy to see that I got two things out of the effort. A drawing of Emma and Oscar, but also a wet grumpy dog that yawned at me from the blotting scrap. 

Well, isn’t life grand when every splotch can come alive! I must remember that the next time the girls spill paint all over the sofa or come home with permanent marker dotting their brand new clothes.

Look around! Can you see any stains winking at you?  And if stains are too anxiety provoking, why not start with clouds. In a way those are just stains in the sky, right?